Fragments of future life.

Guardiol is a synthetic gemstone to collect, and to protect Earth’s natural resources.

Guardiol is created by algorithmic sourcing on the blockchain to produce unique synthetic gemstones in different colors and shapes.

The gemstone collectables are available as NFTs to ensure ownership verification on the blockchain so that you can safely collect, and resell these fragments.

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This is not (just) an art project. It’s about all life.

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Mining for commercial gemstones causes contaminated water, releases toxins into the air, erodes soil and destroys vegetation. Hazardous chemicals used to extract and process the gemstones can leak into the environment, even harming local human populations. Art collective Guardiol is launching a synthetic gemstone which is created from a blockchain algorithm to protect biodiversity and the environment. 


These virtual stones are launched as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with a notable part of proceeds reinvested in organisations that protect natural resources. Guardiol aims to stop the negative effects of sourcing gemstones by replacing them with a digital alternative for modern collectors worldwide.

We hope that with this unique approach the earth and its resources can be protected, while we can further empower the  beautiful digital world as well.

Algorithmically sourced
Limited collections
AI-based visualization
Impactful re-investing
Sourcing status
Genesis mint (May 2021 - platform TBA)

Conservation funding

We are committed to re-invest 15% of the net yield of our NFT collections to conservation organizations around the world. Together with experts we have identified the most beneficial organizations to contribute to, in order to protect the earth’s natural resources.

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